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Pay your rent or lease online using your credit card.

Collect payments instantly by credit card and send payment reminders to your tenant.

No more late payments. Collect rental, bond, and other fees from your tenants by credit card.

Why Should I Use Rent-on-time™?
  • FREE for landlords and property managers
  • No set-up or monthly fees
  • No contracts
  • Reduce delinquencies
  • Easy administration
  • Pay / Collect other fees such as water rates or repairs for damages
  • Rent-on-time™ service is FREE to landlords and property managers.

  • Tenants pay a 2.95% service fee.
The Idea Behind Rent-On-Time
According to the National Landlord Survey 2003, more than 86% of landlords say non-payment of rent is their biggest problem... Read more

What Else Can I Pay For?
  • Bonds
  • Letting Fees
  • Corporate Body Fees
  • Rent for apartments
  • Rent for international students
  • Marketing costs for selling your home
  • Rent arrears